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How PAI is Calculated

When Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI™) was developed, it was done so with the primary goal of impacting people's long-term health. In the years following the HUNT Study, which proved PAI can help people live longer, healthier lives, we have discovered that the... Read More

5 Ways to Increase Your Heart Rate and Earn PAI at the Beach

You may have taken a vacation, but your workouts don’t have to! There are lots of great ways to get your heart pumping and earn some valuable PAI at the beach even on a relaxing day. But first, there are a couple of things you need to watch out for when working out on the beach. Don’t forget... Read More

New Study Proves PAI Reduces Health Risks From Sedentary Lifestyle

Sitting for up to 7 hours is the norm at workplaces around the world, but a new study shows that Mio's Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) metric can combat the risk of lifestyle-related disease such as cardiovascular disease, regardless of sedentary lifestyle. The study was released in... Read More

How This Mom of 4 Balances Exercise and Motherhood

Rachel is a mother of four, and like many moms, her days are so hectic with appointments and activities that she says sometimes she feels like a taxi service. But Rachel still finds the time to exercise regularly, and uses Mio SLICE to track her health and fitness. For this special... Read More

3 Activities To Increase Your Heart Rate

The heart beats 100,000 times a day, is the size of your fist, and creates enough energy to drive a truck 20 miles. Yes, the heart is our hardest working and most important muscle. And while Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) makes it easy to understand what our heart is telling us during... Read More

Most Popular Questions About Mio SLICE

Whether you own a Mio SLICE, or just learning about how activity trackers like SLICE can motivate you to get fit and stay healthy, it's always good to review the FAQs. So we've included our most popular topics below. Use them to get better accustomed to Mio SLICE and learn about... Read More

How PAI improves long-term health & fitness

From its concept to research, development and release, the purpose of Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI™) has been to motivate people to improve their long-term health. And perhaps more than anything, purpose is what we’re most proud of. “For your PAI... Read More

6 Quick Tips to Help You Earn PAI

Anyone who lives a busy life can attest that allotting time for long workouts isn’t always possible. Now that SLICE featuring PAI is available (with free shipping and our 60-day money back guarantee) you can get feedback on your exercise  to help you live a longer and... Read More

A Better Way to Track Activity than Counting Steps

Say you go for an hour bike ride. You’re dripping in sweat and you feel like you’ve burned thousands of calories. You glance down at the activity tracker poised on your wrist and it reads: “10 steps”. Well, that’s a bit disappointing. You just biked 15 miles and you... Read More

PAI is Backed by Science

You’ve probably heard of the daily recommended 10,000 steps. And you might have also heard that 30 minutes of exercise a day is enough to keep you healthy. But are any of these measurements backed by science? How do they reflect your body’s response to exercise? Why is... Read More