How PAI improves long-term health & fitness

From its concept to research, development and release, the purpose of Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI™) has been to motivate people to improve their long-term health. And perhaps more than anything, purpose is what we’re most proud of.

“For your PAI score to increase enough to meet your long term health goals, you have to have the mentality of deliberate exercise,” says Mark Gorelick, Mio’s Chief Science Officer. As we discuss below, deliberate exercise is the intent to increase your heart rate through exercise. That connection between deliberate exercise and increased health and fitness was highlighted in the Hunt study, one of the world's largest health studies ever performed.


PAI is the first scientifically-backed metric used in an activity tracker to inform you of how your exercise can fight cardiovascular disease.* PAI was proven in the HUNT study and published in the American Journal of Medicine. Led by Dr. Ulrik Wisløff—professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology—the series of HUNT studies (1, 2, 3) contained personal and family medical history of more than 130,000 participants.

Wisløff discovered that maintaining 100 PAI or more significantly reduced the risk of all-cause mortality and cardiovascular disease among men and women of all ages. He also discovered that reaching 100 PAI or more weekly reduced the risk of premature death, regardless of whether the current recommendation for physical activity was reached.

This indicates that reaching 100 PAI may be a more relevant metric than the current worldwide physical activity recommendation of three times per week of 90 minutes or more.

And for beginners, merely reaching 50 PAI is also an excellent accomplishment.

"You'll get 60% of the health benefits of PAI by maintaining 50 PAI weekly," Gorelick says.

Personal Activity Intelligence is a system that can change people’s lives, so we developed the device to go with it. Mio SLICE is the first and only heart rate + activity tracker to feature PAI. But you'll need to get your heart rate up to earn your PAI points.


Deliberate exercise is any exercise intended to increase your heart rate, especially in the medium to high intense range. (*Remember, you’ll earn the most PAI when your heart rate is in the high intense range).

The emphasis on deliberate exercise is to refute ‘water cooler’ steps—strolling to the water cooler a few times per day and counting those steps towards exercise.

“That’s often the issue with steps, and the issue with people counting ‘water cooler’ steps,” says Gorelick. “The intensity component isn’t always there. It has to be deliberate exercise.”

PAI is a more accurate measure of fitness than step counting because it counts even those activities that don't involve steps like biking, rowing, and yoga. Unlike step counting, PAI places an emphasis on what matters—heart rate.

Take this chart for example.

By aiming for a higher heart rate during exercise instead of counting steps, you can actually see how your health is improving on your SLICE device. Your PAI score will tell you whether you’ve done enough activity over a rolling 7 days for optimal health benefits, and your resting heart rate will adjust to your increased fitness level if you wear your SLICE while sleeping.


We have our sights set on impacting everyone's day-to-day lives with PAI, and on impacting the entire health and fitness industry for years to come. We will be expanding PAI to measure even more lifestyle related issues in the future.

Soon, we'll be rolling out our PAI Coaching App to provide feedback during workouts. It will also allow users to determine how much PAI they can get for a certain workout by inputting the specific activity and duration; we're very excited to roll out this new service.

We’ll also be continuing to update the PAI app with firmware updates to ensure you get the most out of your exercise.

To learn more about how Personal Activity Intelligence can motivate your health and fitness, check out Mio SLICE featuring PAI, and get free shipping with our 60-day money back guarantee.


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