10 Tips to Balance Endurance Training, Work & Family

Most of us runners, cyclists, swimmers, and triathletes do not have the lion’s share of our time available to train. Most of us have to work to earn a living and some of us have a family to take care of, too, which usually means that the balance in our life isn’t easily achieved. Often something has to give and usually it’ll be whichever training session you had planned for that day. There are things that you can do to help fit more in each day and use your time more efficiently. Here are some of the things, which I, as a full-time working mom and triathlete, have found work well.

1. Run errands – literally

… or cycle. You’d be surprised how much it can help your base level of fitness to just be a little bit more active everyday (and it could save you a few pennies on transport costs, too!).

2. Get to the office under your own steam

If you have to go to the office, cycle or run to work -- even part of the way if your commute is a really long one.

3. Work from home

If you can, ditch the commute altogether -- even for a just few days a week -- and work from home. That way you can use the time that you’d otherwise spend sitting on a train or bus to do something more useful.

4. Train while you’re working

If you have to listen to conference calls where you’re not talking much, try joining while you’re on the treadmill or the turbo trainer. Hold moving meetings – go for a run or ride with colleagues and talk shop while you’re at it. Do your dealing on a bike or while running instead of playing golf.

Expert tip: For your core, how about a swiss ball instead of a chair?

5. Don’t hang around

While the kids are doing classes or you’re while waiting anywhere for them use the time to squeeze in an extra run instead of sitting in the waiting room or in the car. You could even run around the pitch if they’re playing on one. Make sure you keep a change of kit with you wherever you are!

6. Turn off the box

Unless you’re on a turbo trainer or a treadmill in front of the TV, turn it off and go to bed early. Watching TV is an easy way to waste hours!

7. Get up early

While the kids (and your partner) are still in bed get out and do your training session(s) for the day before the world wakes up. Even if you don’t have children, this is still a good one. You’re much less likely to skip a work out if you’ve done it before you get distracted (and tired out) by other things during the day.

8. Involve the kids

If they’re young, buy a stroller you can run with or a bike trailer – then you can train, give them some fresh air, and you won’t have to find or pay for childcare.

Have an active school run or ride? Cycle together or have the kids cycle while you run with them.

9. Train smart

No junk miles. Use your heart rate monitor properly and train at the right intensities to get the most training value out of your limited time.

10. Enjoy it

This isn’t ‘fluffy’. If you are living each day with a positive attitude and a smile, you’re much less likely to have high cortisol levels. You’ll have more energy, you’ll be less likely to get sick (both from the sniffles and the really bad stuff like cancer)… and you’ll be much more pleasant to be around, so people will be more likely to lend a helping hand (or give you a break!).

This post was written by Singapore-based Mio Triathlete, Rowena De Belligny. Known to her fans and followers as Iron Mummy, Rowena competes in and crushes triathlons all around Asia. To learn more about this kick-butt triathlete and mom, check out her blog at ironmummy.com.
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