Reach Your 100 PAI Goal With These 6 Tips

Do you want to earn more PAI in less time? Make these small changes to your workouts and your daily activities to keep your PAI score above 100.


1. Interval training


Interval training entails short bursts of a high intensity exercise followed by a short rest period. This type of training is proven to get your heart rate up more than steady, lower intensity workouts; therefore, earning you more PAI. Interval training can also boost your metabolism, build lean muscles, and burn more calories.

Interval training can be used in cardio programs such as running, biking, or swimming. Check out these 7 interval training workouts for cardio for some great ideas.

Interval training can also be used in body weight exercises, like pushups or burpees. Here are 11 body weight exercise to choose from for your interval training circuit.


2. Take shorter breaks in between sets


You know those people at the gym, sitting on a mat, swiping through Facebook? They are losing valuable PAI by resting for too long in between sets.

When tackling an ab workout or circuit training, all you need is a 30 to 60 second rest before your body is ready to go again. By cutting these break times down, you are keeping your heart rate at an active level and earning more PAI.


3. Put your treadmill on incline/hill running


Add a couple notches to your treadmill’s incline or shift your outdoor running route to include an actual hill. You’ll earn more PAI running on an incline at a slower pace than running on a flat road.

And your treadmill doesn’t have to be inclined for the whole workout. Try slowly increasing the incline until you reach the top of the “treadmill hill” and then slowly decreasing. Or do uphill sprints for 100 metres and take long breaks in between intervals. Check out these 3 hill running workouts to earn more PAI.


4. Bike to work


Use your daily commute as a chance to earn more PAI. For most people, biking to work takes the same amount of time as taking the bus. Without increasing your commute, you can earn some extra PAI every day and it’s good for the environment!


5. Take the stairs


Another simple lifestyle change. Each time you choose the stairs over the elevator, you are increasing your heart rate that extra little bit. For example, you could earn 1 extra PAI every time you choose the stairs over the elevator. If you made this choice 3 times a day, 7 days a week, you will increase your PAI score by 21 each week.


6. Mix up your workouts


If you do the exact same workout everyday, you will condition your body to that intensity. To add variety to your routine, switch from the treadmill to the stairmaster or to the rowing machine to exercise different muscles, get your heart rate pumping more, and earn you more PAI in the same amount of time.
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