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The Future is Now: Wearables with Insurance

The popularity and variety of wearable devices continues to grow and evolve. Initially, wearables were either chest straps to monitor heart rate or pedometers to track steps. Then came the next wave of fitness trackers and smartwatches, which have gone through many iterations and new styles. ... Read More

5 Ways Insurers Benefit from Incorporating Wearables Into Products

 Wearables are revolutionizing the insurance industry. You’ve likely heard of this new model called “interactive insurance” in which wearables are incorporated into insurance policies and gifted to customers, often in exchange for fitness data. Accessing health data of current... Read More

10 Unexpected Ways to Earn PAI

One of the many things we love about PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) is that anyone can reap the benefits and get healthier without having to subscribe to a specific workout routine. Read More

Sitting All Day Isn’t Bad if You Do Enough Physical Activity

As a society, we’ve been so focused on the dangers of being sedentary. But the reality is many of us must be sedentary because of our office jobs. Today, the most physical activity people can get from 9-5 is walking around the office. Sure, you can get a treadmill desk or trade your chair for... Read More

How I lost 18 lbs in my first 3 months working at PAI Health

By: Anup Saund, Lead Software Engineer at PAI Health     PAI changed me for the better. Within 3 months of being hired, I lost 18 lbs of body weight and improved my V02 Max from below average to average (reaching a V02 max over 50).  I started working at PAI Health in... Read More

The Science Behind PAI [INFOGRAPHIC]

Take a look at this comprehensive infographic to learn more about the science behind PAI and why we value heart health so much. Read More

The Critical Vital Sign You're Probably Missing

Cardiorespiratory fitness You probably know your height and weight. You might know your blood pressure, cholesterol, temperature, or blood sugar. But do you know your VO 2 max? VO 2 max is your body’s maximum rate of oxygen consumption, and it’s used to measure your... Read More

Top 8 Activities that Earn the Most PAI

Want to know what sports to play or what machines to use at the gym to earn the most PAI? Well, here it is. The top 8 activities that will help you earn the most PAI in the shortest amount of time, ranked from highest to lowest. 1. Cross-country skiing Cross-country... Read More

How to Set Fitness Goals You Can Stick With

There are many benefits to making fitness an integral part of your life—from increased energy levels to weight management, greater strength, flexibility, endurance, and more. Read More