Getting Started: How to Earn PAI

Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) is based on each individual's unique makeup - their maximum heart rate, resting heart rate, and the body's response to physical activity. That means what it takes to earn 5, 10, or 15 PAI is going to be different for you than for other users. The activities you do to earn PAI are up to you as well - whether you're just starting out or you're a marathon runner, your PAI Score will become a personalized assessment of your heart's activity level.

"PAI is personalized to the user and depends on the user's fitness, meaning that 100 PAI for me will not be the same as the 100 PAI for a 70-year old." Professor Ulrik Wisløff, Head of the Cardiac Exercise Research Group at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

So where should you start? The most time-efficient way is earn PAI is to do high intensity activities, however, you may prefer to spend a longer amount of time doing a moderate or low intensity activity. Find what works best for you for your lifestyle and your limits, and work your way up gradually to maintain 100 PAI or more.

We've broken down a few activities at different intensity levels so that you can get inspiration and ideas on how to get your heart moving. Everyone's different, so you might earn more or less PAI from each activity. Always remember to activate workout / activity mode on your wearable device so the PAI Health app knows you're doing an activity.


Low Intensity Activities

Do a different activity with your friends, like bowling.  5 PAI 90 min. 
Go out dancing for date night, instead of going for dinner.  8 PAI 60 min. 
Play a game of frisbee in the park.  2 PAI  20 min.
Got lots of leaves in your yard? Rake them up!   3 PAI 30 min.


Medium Intensity Activities

Instead of taking your car, do your next errand on foot or by bicycle.  6 PAI 25 min. 
Try swimming a lap at your community pool.  5 PAI 20 min. 
Family reunion? Tire the kids out!  8 PAI  30 min.
If you work on the top floor, try taking the stairs to the office.   4 PAI 15 min.
Play some sports with friends! Tennis, racketball, badminton, they're all great options.  8 PAI 30 min.
Live in a place with lots of snow? Remember that shovelling your driveway will earn you PAI too!  7 PAI 30 min. 


High Intensity Activities

Get your body moving - head outside and try jumping rope.  5 PAI 3 min. 
Making whipped cream? Ditch the electric mixer and vigorously hand whisk.  3 PAI 2 min. 
See who can spin a hula hoop the fastest - you versus the kids!  10 PAI  6 min.
If you're jogging, try incorporating short sprints throughout your run.  5 PAI 5 min.



Remember - you don't have to be an athlete to be physically active. PAI is there to help you on your path to better health by letting you know if you're doing enough of the right activity to get your heart rate up (and of course to live a long, happy life). So find the activities that work best for you and build your PAI Score up to 100!

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