PAI Tomorrow feature

Life can throw a lot at us from impromptu meetings to long lineups at the store. When something comes up, as it undoubtedly will, it helps to have a plan. To help you plan ahead, we've designed the 'PAI Tomorrow' feature, which you can access by tapping on 'Tomorrow' on the bottom right-hand side of the PAI Health app.


From the 'PAI Tomorrow' screen, you can see how your PAI Score will change tomorrow. Remember that your PAI Score is a rolling 7-day score, so each day the PAI you earned 7 days ago will disappear. The 'PAI Tomorrow' feature gives you further insight into this part of your PAI Score, giving you more opportunities to plan what works for you.


In this example, you can see Tina's PAI Score tomorrow will be 78, which below her goal of 100 PAI. She knows that her day is very busy tomorrow, so she decides to make time for some high-intensity exercise today. This will ensure her total score stays above 100, even if she doesn't have time for physical activities tomorrow.

When trying to change your lifestyle and become more active it’s important to stay accountable to yourself and not put off to tomorrow what you could do today. We hope the 'PAI Tomorrow' feature will help you not only with planning, but with accountability, bringing you one step closer to your health and activity goals.

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