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The Critical Vital Sign You're Probably Missing

Cardiorespiratory fitness You probably know your height and weight. You might know your blood pressure, cholesterol, temperature, or blood sugar. But do you know your VO 2 max? VO 2 max is your body’s maximum rate of oxygen consumption, and it’s used to measure your... Read More

What Everyone Should Know About Heart Rate Monitors

  Intensity matters. If you’re serious about getting in shape, you should be keeping track of your heart rate during exercise to ensure you’re working out with the right level of intensity. It's how our bodies communicate with us when we work out. Here's  everything you... Read More

How To Calculate Your Heart Rate Zones

Without an activity tracker, it's hard to know whether your workouts are improving your health and fitness. It can take weeks, sometimes even months, to notice a physical change. But understanding our heart rate zones allow us to communicate with our body during exercise. Here are... Read More

Why You Should Never Wear a Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap Again

Heart rate monitor chest straps are unpleasant, to say the least; they cut, slip, chafe, and need to be washed as often as you use them. Since we know most people hate wearing chest straps, we asked our  Facebook  fans to fill in the blank : "I don't wear a chest strap... Read More

3 Activities To Increase Your Heart Rate

  The heart beats 100,000 times a day, is the size of your fist, and creates enough energy to drive a truck 20 miles. Yes, the heart is our hardest working and most important muscle. And while Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) makes it easy to understand what our heart is... Read More

Couples Workouts to Get Motivated This Heart Month

Maintaining the motivation to exercise alone over an extended period of time can be challenging. If you’ve ever begun a routine with a long timeline in mind, you’ve likely experienced your enthusiasm fading at some point. While we try to combat this by looking for motivation in different... Read More

3 Easy Steps To Calculate Heart Rate & Heart Rate Zones

Monitoring your heart rate gives you important information about whether or not you’re exerting the right amount of effort during your workout. If your workout doesn’t seem to be “working,” it could be because you’re straining your body, or not pushing yourself hard... Read More

How to Calculate Your Resting Heart Rate

In a previous post, we took you through how to calculate all your heart rate zones , but in this post, you'll learn how to calculate your resting heart rate. RESTING HEART RATE Here are two methods to calculate your resting heart rate: Method A Check your heart rate when... Read More

The Best Training Plan Ever: Listen to Your Body

I’m about to let you in on a secret about the best training plan ever written. This won’t take long so pay attention. The best training plan isn’t one that you follow – it’s the one that follows you . What I mean is that the perfect plan would constantly change... Read More

Heart Rate Training Workout for Cyclists: Pyramid Sets

Goal: To Improve Performance & Resting Heart Rate Whether you’re lifting weights, running track or cycling the street, if you keep using the same old workout routine, plateaus are bound to happen. The human muscular system constantly works to adapt itself to the physical stresses being placed... Read More