Couples Workouts to Get Motivated This Heart Month

Maintaining the motivation to exercise alone over an extended period of time can be challenging. If you’ve ever begun a routine with a long timeline in mind, you’ve likely experienced your enthusiasm fading at some point. While we try to combat this by looking for motivation in different places, studies show that your exercise habits are strongly influenced by the habits of people you know.

“Psychologically, if you feel like you have a responsibility and commitment toward another person, you are more likely to follow through on that commitment,” Michelle P. Maidenberg, PhD, MPH, clinical director of Westchester Group Works, told Experience Life Magazine. “They can play the role of teammate, co-coach and cheerleader—all while working out.”

And the better we know someone—and the stronger the connection—the more likely we are to stay motivated.


The Department of Kinesiology at Indiana University surveyed married couples who joined health clubs together and found that couples who worked out separately had a 43% dropout rate over the course of a year. Those who went to the gym together, regardless of whether they focused on the same type of exercise, had only a 6.3% dropout rate.

If you currently lack the motivation to finish what you started, grab your partner and give these workouts a go.

Try these 5 workouts with your partner this Heart Month

1. Hill Running - You’ll need your partner to yell at you to finish strong with this heart-pumping workout.

2. Dual Plank - Face each other and maintain eye contact. First one to break loses!

3. Rotational Twist - Stand, sit or squat back to back. Pass a medicine ball and alternate each side.

4. Body-Weight Squat - Face each other and grab each other’s forearms. Begin your squat, but don’t let go!

5. Partner Yoga - It’ll put you in a great state of mind, and strengthen your bond.

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