Cycling Workout: Hill Sprints

Goal: To Improve Performance & Resting Heart Rate

Whether you’re lifting weights, running track or cycling the street, if you keep using the same old workout routine, plateaus are bound to happen. The human muscular system constantly works to adapt itself to the physical stresses being placed upon it. This is why it’s important to keep the body guessing by changing up the intensity, resting time, and resistance level of your workouts. Here are two intense workouts that you can use to push your strength to new heights.

Hill Sprints Workout

There’s nothing like a hill to really challenge you to give it your all. Cycling up a hill requires extreme strength, coordination, and discipline. That’s why you need to add hill climbing into your cycling routine.

  •   Hill Height: Small to Medium

  •   Hill Grade: Very Steep (Must have a very steep incline)

  •   Training Focus: Power and Speed

  •   Heart Rate Intensity (Active Phase-Uphill): 80% to 100%

  •   Heart Rate Intensity (Resting Phase-Downhill): 50%

  •   Recovery Time: Resting Phases are used for recovery
Hill Sprints Breakdown

Warm-up ride:

  •   10 to 20 minutes

  •   40% to 50% intensity
Active Phase:

  •   Up the hill

  •   100% intensity
Resting Phase:

  •   Down the hill

  •   50% intensity
Rest of the Workout

  •   Once you reach the bottom of the hill, turn around and begin again

  •   Depending on experience and fitness ability, repeat this hill sprint cycle 4 to 8 times
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