Four Must-Do Workouts for Pregnant Women

Staying active is important when going through your pregnancy. Exercising during pregnancy can help with labor, excessive weight gain, and muscle/joint pain. One of the important things to monitor during pregnancy is your heart rate. Remember during pregnancy the heart rate can elevate quickly between 10-20 beats per minute faster than normal. I put the Mio LINK heart rate monitor on a few of my pregnant clients and monitored their heart rate through different workouts. Below are my top four workouts for pregnant women to incorporate into their fitness regimens.

1.   Pilates

During Pilates your heart rate can rise anywhere between 90-130 beats per minute. This is a great workout to stretch and utilize your core muscles without getting your heart rate too high. Pilates also involves a lot of “brain power” by making you focus and concentrate on movement, as well as breathing -- great for all levels of exercisers.

2.   Yoga

Yoga makes the perfect mind body connection.  During a yoga session, your heart can raise anywhere from 110-145 beats per minute. Yoga helps you focus on your breathing, balance, and overall body strength. If you’re already a yogi, pre-natal yoga classes are an excellent way to help maintain and even improve your yoga practice.  Like pilates, yoga is good for all fitness levels during pregnancy.

3.    Barre-Barre

This type of exercise incorporates yoga, pilates, and dance.  Barre exercises can get your heart rate up pretty quickly, so If you’re looking to burn a lot of calories, barre is a fantastic option for pregnant women.  During a barre session, your heart rate can reach between 115-150 beats per minute.  Below is an example of the kind of work the body does in a 40-minute barre workout (shown in the Mio GO app):

4.    Pool Workouts

Pool workouts are especially good because of the non-weight bearing exercises on the joints. Further, you can burn a lot of calories in a short period of time , thanks to water resistance.  When you exercise in the pool, remember that your heart rate can actually read higher in water than it does on land. In fact, your heart rate can read 10-15 beats per minute higher.  Use your exertion level rating as a guide throughout the workout (Exertion level 1-10; 1=low, 10=high).  Get a heart rate monitor to help guide you. I recommend Mio Global’s heart rate monitors, as they can be used in a pool (it’s recommended that you exercise in chest-level water depths).

It’s important that you consult with your physician before exercising, particularly during pregnancy. Always remember to tailor your workouts to your specific exercise level and your doctor’s recommendations for your current trimester.

By Mio Brand Champion, Personal Trainer and Track and Field Coach, Jason Williams.

Can you suggest any other workouts for pregnant women? Let us know in the comments section -- we'd love to hear from you!

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