Improve Your Running Economy with this 180 BPM Music Playlist

Did you know that running while listening to certain songs could improve your running economy? Since elite running coach, Jack Daniels found that the majority of professional runners take approximately 180 steps per minute (SPM), 180 SPM has grown to become the target pace for aspiring competitive runners all over the world. In order to reach this target pace, most runners need to take extra steps. The average runner has a stride that is long and bouncy, which isn’t optimal for energy conservation or joint health.

Some might think they have to count their steps as they run in order to make sure they’re hitting 180 SPM. However, rather than having to do that, you can simply create a playlist and listen to the right songs as you run – the songs’ beats can help keep you in step and handle all the step counting for you. This brings us to the 180 BPM playlist: As the title alludes, all songs on this playlist should feature around 180 BPM. To make things easy for you, we’ve put together a free Grooveshark playlist featuring all different types of songs that sit right around that number. If you’d like to see if any of the songs in your own iTunes playlist are 180 BPM, you should check out Cadence Desktop Pro – a cool app that pours through your personal music library and calculates a song’s BPM data.

Know of any great 180 BPM songs? List them in the comments section & we'll add them to our 180 BPM Playlist on Grooveshark!

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