5 Ways to Increase Your Heart Rate and Earn PAI at the Beach

You may have taken a vacation, but your workouts don’t have to! There are lots of great ways to get your heart pumping and earn some valuable PAI at the beach even on a relaxing day.

But first, there are a couple of things you need to watch out for when working out on the beach.

Don’t forget sunscreen and a water bottle. Try working out barefoot to give your feet and ankles a better workout. And lastly, make sure to be cautious where you are training for any sharp objects hidden in the sand.

Here are our top 5 favorite beach activities that will help you earn PAI at the beach:


PAI at the beach

The beach is the perfect place for a bodyweight circuit workout! There’s generally lots of open space, and the sand is forgiving if you fall. You can really put together any number of circuit workouts using a variety of different exercises, but here’s one heart-pumping example from Tone It Up to get you started.


PAI at the beach

The perfect way to engage your core and get your heart pumping (if you pick up the pace). If you’ve ever witnessed an expert paddle-boarder in action, you know how easy they make it look. The truth of the matter is that paddle boarding requires an impressive amount of core strength and balance.


PAI at the beach

This requires a net already set-up at the beach, but it's a great way to pick up a chunk of PAI. And even without a net, you can easily practice your passing, setting and hitting with another player or rotate through with a group of friends. Play a few sets and see your heart rate increase!


PAI at the beach

Kayaking is an amazing upper body workout, as well as a great way to check out the sights.  Make sure to wear clothing you don’t mind getting wet, and, whatever you do, don’t bring any valuables with you! There’s always a possibility of tipping your kayak!


PAI at the beach

'The beautiful game' can be played on any surface, but at the beach you're challenged that much more because running in the sand, well, is harder.

So get a game going with friends and score all the PAI you can handle as your heart rate increases!

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