What is Fitness Age?

When you registered for the PAI Health app, you may have noticed something we call your Fitness Age. Your Fitness Age is a dynamic number, reflecting your current cardiorespiratory fitness level and is calculated using your heart rate and demographic data.

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How I lost 18 lbs in my first 3 months working at PAI Health

By: Anup Saund, Lead Software Engineer at PAI Health     PAI changed me for the better. Within 3 months of being hired, I lost 18 lbs of body weight and improved my V02 Max from below average to average (reaching a V02 max over 50).  I started working at PAI Health in...

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The Science Behind PAI [INFOGRAPHIC]

Take a look at this comprehensive infographic to learn more about the science behind PAI and why we value heart health so much.

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