4 Ways PAI can Help Insurers

The health insurance industry has seen many changes in recent years and has incorporated more technology and holistic solutions to better serve their clients. By using a science-backed solution like PAI, insurers can progress even further to create a more engaging and personalized approach that not only enhances their business but also improves their customers’ health.

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How I lost 18 lbs in my first 3 months working at PAI Health

By: Anup Saund, Lead Software Engineer at PAI Health     PAI changed me for the better. Within 3 months of being hired, I lost 18 lbs of body weight and improved my V02 Max from below average to average (reaching a V02 max over 50).  I started working at PAI Health in...

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The Science Behind PAI [INFOGRAPHIC]

Take a look at this comprehensive infographic to learn more about the science behind PAI and why we value heart health so much.

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