Tips for Fuelling and Hydrating on Long Bike Rides

Cyclists, Triathletes, Mountain Bikers… we all love to ride our bikes using different terrains, different gear, different distances, but we all agree on at least one thing: nutrition during a long ride is key!

Here are some suggestions to consider during your next ride:

1. Calorie Intake

  • You should be consuming 200 to 400 calories per hour (liquid and/or solids).

2. Hydration

  • Be sure to sip your electrolyte drink consistently -- once every 10 to 15 minutes is best.

My personal favorite products include:


  • Fluid Performance (blueberry/ pomegranate)

  • Enduropacks Concentrated Electrolytes Spray (great to store in your jersey pocket)


*Bonk Breaker Energy Chews (strawberry)

*PowerGel (vanilla)


  • Bonk Breaker (salted caramel)

Salt Tablets:

  • Saltstick Caps Plus

Remember, every athlete has their own “magic formula” that works for them. Stick with what you like and train with exactly the same products you are planning to use during your race.

This post was written by noted Breakaway Training Coach, Felipe Loureiro. Felipe has been successful in triathlon at all levels – from amateur to pro – accumulating over 26 years of experience in the sport and coaching. His athletic success came as he coached others and grew his own business. He knows what it takes for you to succeed in any multisport discipline despite your busy schedule.​ You can find Felipe and Breakaway Training at
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