Top 4 Workouts With Mom This Mother’s Day

The perfect way to kill two birds with one stone: knock off your daily workout and spend quality time with your mom on Mother’s Day! Not to mention, a chance to earn those valuable PAI points

It’s important to pick an activity that you'll both enjoy. For example, a class that can be personalized to your own fitness level because it’s bound to be different from your mom’s. Or choose something a bit more relaxing, like yoga or going for a walk, so you can focus more on bonding.

Here are our top 4 favorite workouts to do this Mother’s Day:


Yoga with mom

There are yoga classes available for all experience levels, so you can pick the class that best suits you and your mom. For beginners, a great place to start is Hatha Yoga. It focuses mainly on your posture and breathing. If you’re looking for more of a challenge, try Power Flow Yoga—a full body workout that focuses on building strength. Whichever class you choose, you and your mom are bound to feel energized and rejuvenated after this restorative session.



Mother’s Day and hiking season go hand in hand. So take advantage of the beautiful weather and head off on a long trek with your mom. Whether you choose a 30-minute walk or a 3-hour hike, there’s more than enough time for some quality bonding time. 


Spinning with mom

Any spin class can be adjusted to any fitness level. The difficulty of your workout depends on the resistance level you choose for your spin bike. You and your mom can sit side by side and get lots of quality bonding time while you each do a completely different workout (if needed).

Spin class is one of the best ways to get your heart pumping and to rack up those PAI points.


Barre Fitness with Mom

Barre is a fun new fitness trend you can test out with your mom. It's a strength class based on ballet, yoga and pilates that focuses on balance and targets some of your smallest muscles.

If it’s your first time trying barre, you’re bound to walk out of the class with sore muscles you didn’t even know you had.

This workout can be adjusted up or down based on fitness levels so both you and your mom will get a great workout.

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