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Case study: PAI Health Try Something New Challenge

Motivating and engaging employees during COVID-19 lockdowns


Campaign KPIs


The PAI Health team were looking for a new challenge to motivate employees around the world to get active together. With many of us hitting 7+ months of working remotely / at-home due to COVID-19, we needed away to virtually  connect and socialize while encouraging healthy lifestyle changes.


Over 4 weeks in November, we launched the “Try Something New Challenge”. Staff were given a budget to spend on a new activity such as a home workout app, online personal trainer sessions, or fitness equipment. They were then encouraged to share what they were trying, giving each other ideas for unique ways to stay active.

Staff were randomly assigned into 5 teams with the goal of maintaining an average PAI Score of 100 each week. This was particularly important during COVID-19 lockdowns when everyone was more isolated.

An online leaderboard was provided as extra motivation for friendly competition amongst the teams.

There were also weekly challenges including accumulating at least 30km of cycling and/or running, learning an online dance routine, and trying a brand-new activity. Staff had to submit proof of completing the challenges such as videos and pictures, generating fun interaction between everyone.

At the end of the 4 weeks, staff were asked to complete a survey to provide feedback on the experience.

4.2 / 5 rating for enjoyment



of people achieved
over 50 PAI


of teams achieved
over 50 PAI


of teams achieved
over 100 PAI
Earning any PAI above 0 will grant some protection against lifestyle disease mortality, with 100 PAI being the ideal for maximum protection.

Engagement and Testimony

The majority of the PAI Health staff that participated really enjoyed the variety of the weekly challenges, and liked that they got to interact with team members that they wouldn’t necessarily speak with on a day to day basis.

participation rate
said they did more intense or activities
said they’ll continue the same level of activity afterwards
“I enjoyed talking with people outside my usual  team to plan and coordinate challenges. It was also great to be using the PAI  Health app so regularly and watch my PAI Score improve and feel the way it  can motivate me.
PAI Health
"The Try Something New Challenge provided some fun engagement, especially during COVID times. It really helped to break up the normal, repetitive work from home routine each week."
PAI Health employee
“I loved the creativity of the weekly challenges and  people working as a team to be creative with their execution!  Nice to  interact with other staff that we don't connect with otherwise day-to-day. “
PAI Health employee
“I enjoyed talking with people outside my usual team to coordinate challenges. It was great to be using the PAI Health app more, and to see my PAI Score improve and feel motivated. “
PAI Health employee

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