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Case study: West Vancouver Police Department

Keeping employees engaged and motivated

West Vancouver Police Department


Campaign KPIs

Core themes


One of the West Vancouver Police Department’s  (WVPD) key objectives is to improve productivity and service delivery by supporting employee wellness, and that is why they introduced a corporate wellness program a few years ago.

They learned about PAI from Medisys, their corporate wellness provider, and they were interested in trying out wearables with the PAI system to see how it could drive lifestyle changes to improve the health of their employees.


WVPD had a corporate wellness program for 3 years, but they were not seeing any significant improvement.

The staff were well aware of the importance of staying fit an healthy, but found it difficult to maintain a consistent exercises schedule and proper diet due to their shift work hours.


WVPD launched a 4-week pilot program to see how using PAI could motivate their employees to become more physically active. Employees were given an activity tracker that tracks heart rate and PAI Scores.

PAI Health provided an online leaderboard that added some extra motivation with some friendly peer competition. At the end of the trial period, participants were asked to complete a survey to provide feedback on the experience.


WVPD was thrilled with the results based on engagement, activity levels and feedback. They felt that that it was the most successful initiative they had experienced to date. The vast majority of participants really liked the concept of PAI and said it gave them increased awareness and new insights into their physical activity levels and the need to do more.


of people achieved
over 30 PAI


of people achieved
over 100 PAI

Engagement and Testimony

The majority of participants said using PAI gave them more insights into the importance of their heart rate, as well as the effectiveness of their exercise on their health. They also found that PAI gave them more motivation to think about physical activity levels and push themselves to increase intensity levels.


said it changed the way they looked at physical activity


said they would recommend it to be used as a metric within a corporate wellness program


said it motivated them to increase their frequency or consistency of exercising
This PAI pilot was the most successful thing we have done that generated real positive change! Our employees loved the PAI metric as it was an accurate way of measuring physical activity and it made people realize they needed to push themselves more.
Julie Blais
Human Resources
West Vancouver Police Department

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