4 Tips to success with PAI

You've made your first steps towards bettering your health by downloading the PAI Health app and tracking your physical activities, great job! We have some tips and tricks to make your PAI experience even better and to make sure the app is capturing all the physical activities you're doing.

1. Check that your wearable is nice and snug

Sometimes your wearable device may not capture your heart rate correctly - this could be because you need to adjust it on your wrist! First, make sure it is on your non-dominant hand. Next, adjust the wearable's position on your wrist so that it is about 2 finger-widths above the actual joint between your hand and arm. For reference, this is higher on your arm than where a typical shirt cuff ends - you want the wearable device to sit where it can best detect your heart rate. Lastly, when you're doing physical activity, be sure to tighten the wrist band so the device cannot move. You don't need to cut off your circulation, but it does need to be nice and snug!

2. Be sure to activate workout mode

A very important step to ensure the PAI Health app measures your physical activity is activating workout mode on your wearable device.

Depending on your specific wearable device, you may have to turn the 'gear' on the side of the watch to get to workout mode, swipe on the touchscreen, or use the buttons on the watch.

For more information on activating workout mode, please check the user guide for your specific watch's make and model.

3. Check PAI earned in the PAI Health app after each activity

Open the PAI Health app and tap on the section that reads 'PAI Earned Today'. This should bring up your PAI Earned graph, which will display how your heart rate reacted to the different activities you completed. This will give you a good idea about how each activity translates into PAI earned.

For example, in the graph below it took about half an hour in the Low HR (Heart Rate) zone to earn 1 PAI, but only 1 minute in the High HR zone to earn 1 PAI. Use this knowledge to make the best use of your time in the future - if you're short on time, try to get your heart into the high zone to earn the most PAI per minute!

4. Sync your wearable app before checking your PAI Score.

Each wearable device comes with its own app, such as the HealthKit app for Apple Watch, the Fitbit app for Fitbit devices, and more. For the best PAI Health experience, we recommend syncing your wearable device app after finishing each workout, before you open the PAI Health app.

By syncing your wearable device app, you're ensuring all your heart rate data was accurately captured. Then when you open the PAI Health app afterward, you should see the PAI you earned. No matter what device you have, start by ensuring Bluetooth is active and that you are within range of your phone.

To learn more about syncing and refreshing your specific wearable device, please check the user guide for your watch's make and model.

Those are our main tips for making the most out of your PAI experience. Remember, if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to email us at

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