Top 8 activities that earn the most PAI

Want to know what sports to play or what machines to use at the gym to earn the most PAI? Well, here it is. The top 8 activities that will help you earn the most PAI in the shortest amount of time, ranked from highest to lowest.

1. Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing is, by a landslide, considered the best type of cardio training. That’s because cross-country skiing uses 80% of your muscle mass (compared to 60% in running and only 40% in cycling). The big difference between cross-country skiing and these other endurance exercises, is that your upper body plays a big role. The more muscles involved in a workout, the harder your heart has to work, and the more PAI you will earn.

2. Kick boxing

As you walk into a kickboxing class, you know you are guaranteed a sweat-drenched workout. Throughout the class, you will elevate your heart rate for the entire hour, allowing you to maximize the PAI points you earn. Again, kickboxing is a full body workout that uses different muscle groups in your body. The more muscles involved, the harder your heart works and the more PAI points you earn.

3. Interval training

The combination of short burst of high intense exercise with short rest periods will get your heart pumping more than other workouts. You will earn more PAI with interval training than steady, low-intensity workouts. For example, you can run a sprint circuit for 20 minutes and earn 23 PAI, or you can walk to work for an hour and only early 7 PAI.

For extra motivation, try a high intensity fitness class, like Orange Theory, that uses heart rate monitors to ensure you reach the optimal zone for your hour-long workout.

4. Rowing

Rowing is a full body workout that gets your heart rate pumping. Each stroke engages your calves, quads, hamstrings, glutes, abs, obliques, pecs, biceps, triceps, deltoids, upper back, and lats. Remember, more muscles used equals more PAI earned.

5. Ice hockey

Similar to interval training, ice hockey is played with short, intense bursts of energy. Skating generates the cardio intensity, but maneuvering the puck engages more muscles for a more intense workout. And as we’ve said above, if you're working out more muscles, you will earn more PAI.

6. Spin class

Spinning is a great way to earn PAI because you can easily customize your workout using your heart rate. Some instructors will have you climb a mountain, hit some intervals, or focus on endurance - all based on your heart beat.

7. Soccer

What differentiates soccer from other sports is the sheer size of the field that players have to cover. Professional soccer players run an average of 6 or 7 miles per game, whereas football players only run 1.25 miles, and basketball players run 3 to 5 miles. Soccer is a fairly uninterrupted game, where players are constantly on the move with little rest time. This means that playing soccer will keep your heart rate at a constant, active level - earning you more PAI over the course of a game.

8. Running

Last but not least, running. You’re always guaranteed to earn a respectable number of PAI by going for a run. Grab a workout buddy and have them show you some new routes. And if you incorporate running and interval training, you’re sure to give your heart a good workout.

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