PAI Health Hires Veteran Life Insurance Executive

Vancouver, Canada
October 1, 2018

PAI Health Hires Veteran Life Insurance Executive

PAI Health, a health technology company specializing in biometric data solutions for insurance and corporate wellness, announces the hiring of Bill Glueck as its Vice President of Business Development, Americas. He will lead the company’s expansion in the life and health insurance markets.

Glueck joins PAI Health from LIMRA, the life insurance, financial services and employee benefits consulting and research organization. While at LIMRA he was Director of Business Development.

PAI Health offers software solutions utilizing their proprietary metric called PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) which translates heart rate data from wearables into a simple number that provides a personalized prescription for physical activity that tracks and improves consumer health. Life and health insurance carriers can use PAI’s data insights to introduce preventive wellness programs using predictive data segmentation, as well as engage current high-risk customers. Insurers can also use the PAI and cardiorespiratory fitness metrics as a basis for rewards, premium discounts and other incentive programs for policyholders.

“We are in the first phase of an aggressive expansion into the life and health insurance markets,” said Peter Taylor, CEO of PAI Health. “Bill’s knowledge and reputation in the life insurance industry will help enhance the relationship between policyholders and their carriers.”

Glueck said, “PAI Health is on the cutting edge of fitness and health analytics. With its PAI metric, insurers help policyholders improve their health and fitness to the benefit of both customers and carriers.”

About PAI Health

PAI Health is a health technology software company that offers meaningful insights rooted in the proven science of cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF). The company provides engagement and risk management solutions for the insurance, healthcare, and corporate wellness industries.

PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) is a motivational heart-rate based activity metric proven to reduce cardiovascular disease and lifestyle risk. PAI Health offers insurers advanced behavioural insights and the measurement of individual and population rising risk and health trends, as well as engagement tools that facilitate a personalized health dialogue that results in positive health outcomes.

PAI Health was formerly knowns as Mio Global, an innovative pioneer renown for having the most accurate heart rate monitoring wearables and sensor technology. For more information, visit

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