PAI Health’s Game-Changing Health and Fitness Metric to Debut at DIA Munich 2018

Vancouver, Canada
October 12, 2018

Insurers Now Have A New, Relevant Means of Measuring Individual Health and Projected Longevity

PAI Health’s accurate cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) assessment and a real-time health monitoring platform will be introduced at the annual Digital
Insurance Agenda conference in Munich, Germany.

PAI Health is the company behind the innovative Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) score, the original scientifically valid metric that translates heart rate data into a personalized prescription for physical activity. PAI Health’s platform now offers insurers easy access to a baseline measurement of cardiorespiratory fitness, an acknowledged predictor of health and longevity, as well as access to dynamic CRF data and PAI scores calculated from heart rate monitor wearables.

PAI’s health metrics enable insurance policy holders to adopt behaviors that encourage and improve cardiorespiratory fitness. It also provides life and health insurers with an opportunity for ongoing customer engagement well beyond the annual renewal transaction. The PAI technology platform assists life and health insurers with new data analytics that can redefine the rate-making and underwriting processes.

“Our fitness solution begins with an online test that is an accurate estimate of a person’s cardiorespiratory health and just takes minutes to complete. People then have an option to improve their health using a wearable and guided by the PAI metric,” noted Peter Taylor, PAI Health CEO, who will speak at the conference on Thursday, October 18. “For insurers, we introduce incredible health insights that were never previously accessible, opening up opportunities for segmentation analysis and personalized engagement. This science has high potential to be used in the underwriting process, and to measure the effectiveness of wellness programs.”

In September, the company announced $9 million in a new round of funding. This investment accelerates its expansion into the Insurtech space as a provider of personalized health engagement solutions and furthers the company’s development of solutions to help people live healthier, longer lives.

About PAI Health

PAI Health is a health technology company that offers important insights rooted in the proven science of cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF). The company provides risk management and customer engagement solutions for the insurance, healthcare, and corporate wellness industries.

PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) is a motivational heart-rate based activity metric proven to reduce cardiovascular disease and lifestyle risk. PAI Health offers insurers advanced behavioral insights and the measurement of individual and population rising risk and health trends, as well as engagement tools that facilitate a personalized health dialogue that results in positive health outcomes.

PAI Health was formerly known as Mio Global, an innovative pioneer renowned for having the most accurate heart rate monitoring wearables and sensor technology. For more information, visit

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