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Engage your population, improve health outcomes, and manage healthcare costs with our suite of flexible software solutions.

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Inspiring healthier habits with personalized, motivating insights

The PAI Health app offers a personalized and engaging experience, regardless of fitness level or health status.

PAI Health users are 25% more active after 30 days of using the app. 

Science-backed protection against lifestyle disease

Provide tools and guidance for people to build healthier lifestyles

Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease mortality by an average of 25%

Dig deeper to motivate your members and reduce business costs

Population health management tools are delivered through our PAI Health Analytics Dashboard. 

Actionable insights empower insurers, employers, healthcare providers, and other businesses to more effectively assess risk, engage members, and guide members to better health.

Monitor engagement and population health through individual and group analysis

Improve health outcomes and save costs through prevention-focused guidance

Engage, assess, and intervene when it matters most

Increase engagement and help your users achieve their health goals

Our flexible API products enable seamless integrations, and adapt to your unique business needs.

The PAI Score is a motivating, engaging metric and a science-backed biomarker of overall health and longevity.

Assess fitness levels, monitor progress and track meaningful results

Drive behaviour change through personalized, quantitative goals

Integrate PAI into your front-end user experience and back-end analytics

Join over 16 million people engaging with PAI through one of our solutions.
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